Do medical miracles really exist? Take the case of a woman waking up from “coma” after almost three decades. It sounds miraculous. But maybe we are missing something here?

When I came across the article on Science Alert, it was not reporting the news of how Ms. Abdulla miraculously woke up from her “coma”. Rather the author rightly pointed out that the “miracle” in Ms. Adbulla’s case might be an oversimplification of science.

The article from Science Alert was originally published in The Conversation — a media outlet sourced from academics and researchers. The author, Jenny Kitzinger is a Professor…

While the whole world has its attention on the CRISPR babies, let’s shine the spotlight on the humble pig to baboon heart transplant!

In November 2018, the whole world was shaken by the news from China: “World’s first gene-edited babies created in China, claims scientist”. What was once thought to be science fiction became a reality. Now anybody could make designer babies just as they fancy, using this amazing technology called CRISPR-cas9 genome editing tool? No! Whether the claims by the Chinese scientist were true or not, this news definitely brought to light the need for better regulations in the…

Mini-brains grown in a dish develop spontaneous activity similar to patterns seen in premature babies

Researchers from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have discovered spontaneous brain waves in lab-grown mini-brains that resembled electrical patterns seen in premature babies. They presented their work at the Society for Neuroscience conference held at San Diego during the first week of November.

Mini-brain organoids in dishes. Image source: Genetic Literacy Project

I was attending a course last week and as a preparation for the course we had to write a news article on any topic we wanted. I was in quite a fix. I could choose from a wide variety of…

Wondered why the Moon turns red during total lunar eclipse? Do you believe in the evil and bad omen brought by “the Blood Moon”? Read further to know the science and poetry behind “The Blood Moon”…

The Blood Moon (Image source: NASA website)

On the 27th July 2018, half the world (maybe even more), including me experienced the most beautiful phenomenon of the century: the longest total lunar eclipse, also commonly known as the “Blood Moon”. This view combined with the closest approach of Mars in 15 years was a treat to every sky watcher's eye. So do you know why an eclipse occurs? Let me take…

If you are a big science fiction fan, you must have seen movies like X-men or Gattaca. Although fiction, these movies are based on concepts like genetic engineering and mutations. I am sure you might have come across articles about genetic engineering, cloning, etc. Are you wondering if this might bring upon an era of mutants? If you are thinking that then hold your thoughts. We are not talking about genetically engineering human mutants here. We are talking about how genetic engineering could be used as a tool to treat many incurable genetic disorders. …

Miles away in the distant sky,

From within the dark clouds

The moon, so big, peeking through

Shining in its brilliant glory

Tainted with scars and yet there;

Such is the beauty, she said.

Lying under the black infinity,

Laden with diamonds shimmering

Wondering where the chosen path leads,

Not knowing the voyage, the destiny

And yet there, walking down the road

Like the moon, bright-faced and audacious,

Though the thick and thin, daring the clichéd

A mind of her own, voicing her thoughts,

Daring the norms, still there smiling

Such is the beauty, she said;

Such is the beauty called “Life”!

Srivaishnavi Loganathan (Sri)

Ph.D. student in Translational Psychiatry, science writer and passionate about science communication. Active writer in SciStory 2.0 blog.

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